• Rev Robin Hannon

Uninterrupted Weddings

How many of us have sat and watched those cute movies that talk about shutting down our cells? I don’t know about you, but I always get a chuckle out of them, but they do make their point!

Even though it sounds simple, it can be a delicate matter to get your guests to shut down their phones. Some forget they are on, and others want to capture the moment. However if a phone rings in the middle of an important moment, it really does kill that moment. I’ve had some that really get up in arms when I’ve asked them to please turn their cells off until the ceremony is over.

It is extremely important that as you make your request you do this in a sensitive and respectful way.

Some things you can do that will encourage people to turn off their cell phones:

  1. Create a specific time either before the ceremony where people can freely take pictures. Give it no more than a half hour after which you ask that the cell phones be turned off.

  2. Talk to your photographer to see if there are one or two pictures that can be available for download a few days at most after the ceremony.

  3. If you put your wedding online, make sure the guests know in advance that you want cells shut down during the ceremony.

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For me, I try to make it fun and engage everyone in the process. “Greetings one and all and welcome to this wonderful once in a lifetime occasion! Before we get started, who here has seen those movie commercials to shut off our phones? They are cute and funny right? But as we all know there is nothing more difficult for a viewer in the movies to have their phone ring at a critical moment. So before we begin I want to take a moment to have you shut off your phones. I promise you will not miss one moment because we have a photographer here to take quality pictures. “Then I wait a few moments, and say, “Ok a raise of hands, have we all turned off our phones? Fabulous!”

Another bugaboo is dealing with those that want to take videos. This is my particular pitch but it does work! “One more thing …(yes I hear the groans now) but please refrain from taking videos. I have asked the couple to have one person take their video, and a link will be given to distribute that video soon after the wedding. The reason for this is to make sure the aisle is clear for the march down it, and as well that there are no distractions from the bride and groom on their special day. Ok are you ready….I can’t hear you…are you ready? Great! “

Please remember this is the couple’s day. All eyes should be on them, and the focus on them, and it’s hard to do through a lens in a phone or a video camera.

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