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Wedding Advice From Reverend Robin Hannon at Abiding Love Weddings

Your ceremony should tell your love story, your way. Remember that this is your day. Your vows should please the two of you. Do not feel pressured to have standard or religious vows, unless that is truly what you want.

Really consider your vows before you meet with your Officiant. At Abiding Love Weddings I can help you write your story your way. It will be a collaboration that will truly be unique and express your journey. What I tell my clients is to make a list for example of what the couple loves about the other. This helps me to craft and help design a unique ceremony that truly highlights the couple's story.

If you meet with your Officiant and do not have any good ideas don’t worry! At Abiding Love Weddings, I make sure I ask all the right questions to begin putting the ceremony together for you.

You want to find the Officiant who reflects your beliefs and style. It’s important that you establish a trust relationship with your Officiant, and you know they can give you the wedding you deserve with the vows you deserve.

Ask your Officiant if they are comfortable doing both secular and religious weddings. At Abiding Love Weddings we are comfortable with both, and strive to understand that particular client, and their sensitivities

Reverend Robin Hannon and Abiding Love Weddings has a wealth of knowledge and experience about weddings. We can help our clients make sure they get through the often unexpected and stressful time leading up to the wedding.

Make sure you tell your Officiant if there are any issues with family or relatives. Make sure your Officiant has background information such as who doesn't get along with whom, or who the Ushers might need to keep an eye on.

Make sure you make your Officiant aware of any special dress, colors, or anything else you want them to match for your wedding. Unless otherwise told I wear black suits and or my clerical robes.

If you are asking a friend or relative to perform your ceremony, you might want to first check with your particular state. If your state does not accept online ordinations for example the marriage might not be recognized. In that case you might want to find an Officiant who will at least stand by, and repeat at the end that the couple is legally married, and as well have that Officiant file the proper papers in that district.

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