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Why do you feel you are a good Officiant and other questions

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Many clients have asked me, what do you feel makes a good wedding Officiant, and why do you feel you are a good one? I have been Officiating at Weddings since 2000, which has given me eighteen years to perfect my craft. Other than experience and wisdom which in some cases has been hard earned what I bring to my clients is my passion and love of Weddings. I treasure all of the wonderful and unique clients I have met along the way. To me, there is nothing better and more exciting than being a part of someone’s new lives and story, and to give them memories they will have for a lifetime. From the first meeting to the writing of the vows, and planning their day out, each couple is so special to me. Bringing my client joy and sharing their excitement truly motivates me to give 110 percent to make sure their day is perfect. I am a nondenominational Officiant, so I am flexible to do weddings of any kind, whether it’s religious or nonreligious. I’ve had a great deal of fun and laughs doing a few notable theme weddings. In one wedding, I was asked to boogie down the aisle. Given I have two left feet it was notable, but what fun! Excellent customer service, problem-solving, a strong shoulder to lean on, being creative, and giving my best to each client is what I feel makes me a good wedding Officiant. As well keeping a cool head, and helping things to run smoothly even when there are issues that come up is important. I go out of my way, often driving distances to meet with prospective clients. I am results driven but believe in long-term relationships, and several of my clients are still in touch with me to this day. Other question clients have asked me; is how did you get started? I got started because there were two dear friends who just couldn’t find someone they connected with. Since I had already had my degree in Divinity, had my ordination previously, and had been involved in other ministries, it seemed a reasonable extension of what I was already doing. I studied up on vows, and on the flow of a wedding, talked with other Officiants, picked many brains, prepared for the day, and just jumped in with both feet. It was a light bulb moment of absolute joy and love of what I was doing. It was then and there I knew that this would be my calling in life, and I have never regretted it. Someone asked me what the most memorable wedding was. Well, they are all memorable! I can’t think of one wedding that didn’t impact me in some way. One wedding that stands out if I had to choose, was between two older people who both had been widowed and alone for years. Their love was epic, as was the joy in finding each other. There was not a dry eye in the house including mine. From the first meeting to the writing of the vows, and planning their day out, each couple is so special to me.

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