• Rev Robin Hannon

Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is exciting but can get pretty stressful sometimes.

I have compiled a wedding checklist that should help you to keep on track for your big day.

· Draw a budget for your wedding. When you budget remember the most important pieces first, which are usually your Officiant, your venue, and if you can afford one your Wedding Planner. These are crucial to your wedding, and I would not advise putting them last on your list financially or otherwise.

· Check for the availability of any venues , and of course consider your guests and their schedules

· Think about what style of wedding you want. Consider what colors you like. The best places to check these things out are wedding sites such as Wedding Wire, or One Wed. Blogs and magazines are also very good resources.

· Make sure you book your wedding venue, ceremony location & rehearsal in advance. Venues do fill up early, and you don’t want to be disappointed because the place you loved and wanted to be married in is not available.

· Start looking at wedding rings, and make sure you put them in a safe place where they can be found. I’ve had too many brides misplace their rings and end up frantically looking the day of their wedding for the rings.

· Start looking at a list of guests. Remember budget will play a part in exactly how many guests you can invite.

· I strongly suggest a wedding planner if you can afford one. They will also work with the Officiant of your choice to make your day run smoothly.

· Find your Officiant as soon as you can. Officiant schedules fill up very quickly and again you don’t want to be disappointed if you really connect with someone and they have already been booked.

· Make sure you go shopping for your gown as early as possible. Often gowns require tailoring and can take a while to complete. As well many stores may have to order that special gown you want, and that can take a while to do as well.

· Think about who you want to walk down the aisle. Who is your Maid of Honor and Best Man? Who are the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

· Start looking at and planning your honeymoon. Remember flights book up, hotels get full. Don’t wait until the last minute.

· Delegate as much as you can. Make a list of people who can do odd jobs, and take up the slack. You can’t be everywhere and do everything.

· Remember to apply for your marriage license. This is essential because without it your marriage is not legal or recognized. Do not put this off, and put the papers in a safe place. When you pick your Officiant, send those papers or hand them to your Officiant.

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