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Funny Wedding Stories

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I thought it would be fun to share some of my funniest stories and bloopers in my years doing weddings.

I still remember this beautiful child who was probably no more than three. She had the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen that were a rare shade of bright green, and gold ringlets that would put Shirley Temple to shame. Her name was Nichole. We had just begun the rehearsal and Nichole burst into tears. She was just inconsolable. Of course, I stopped what I was doing, and got down to her level and asked her, "Nichole what's wrong?" All she could do was shake her head and cry even harder. Her mom came over and scooped her up and was soothing her. Finally, Nichole said, "Mommy Miss Robin marry you right?" The mother replied, "Yes Sweetie, is that why you are so upset?". Nichole nodded and then replied, "You told me Cinderella and the mean Mommy. If Miss Robin marry you den she's my mean other Mommy now?" It was all we could all do to keep a straight face at that point. I must say that her mother got her composure fairly quickly together while I was still trying to keep it together and not laugh. Finally, her Mom said, "No Sweetie, Miss Robin is marrying your Daddy and me, she is not marrying me to live with us or to be a mean other mommy to you." Nichole stopped crying and flung her arms around me and then said, "I glad, you too nice to be a mean other Mommy!" I hugged her back and said and you are too sweet and pretty to worry about ever having a mean other mommy!" It was priceless!

In another story, I was asked to do a theme wedding in which I would dress up as Spock. Well, I went and found the right costume, a pair of pixie ears, and a ton of makeup, and off I went! Of course, I could not get away without ending the ceremony with the Vulcan salute, "live long and prosper!"

It was a total hoot and I loved every minute of it!

Another very funny story if you know me at all, is I was asked to dance down the aisle before my clients also came in dancing. I have two left feet so that something to behold! Still, I went ungracefully bopping down the aisle and managed of course trip on my own feet. So, my clients danced back to me, picked me up and carried me on their shoulders to the altar! Never ask me to dance unless you have some strong shoulders to pick me up with!

Last funny story is the blooper I made, luckily only during the rehearsal. When it came to, “Do you take this man to be your husband”, I got discombobulated and said instead, “Do you take this man to be your wife!”. We all started to giggle, and the bride said, “Well he will be doing most of the dishes!” Touché! It was a wonderful funny moment, and of course everything was fine the day of the wedding.

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