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Star Trek Wedding Vows

I was asked today if I could be fun, or have a sense of humor:) A picture is worth a thousand words, so this is the actual ceremony with my picture at the bottom I performed at a Star Trek themed wedding which I wrote:)

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Officiant as Spock: Captain I have been asked to perform an emotional ceremony called Marriage. In this ceremony two humans are in front of a crowd of people to promise to be together as man and wife until their deaths. I am ill equipped not understanding the nature of love. Captain Kirk ( Steven main groomsman) is standing to the side with two beautiful women fawning all over him. Spock I am not the marrying kind, ask McCoy he’s been married for years. McCoy (Jonathan) Spock I’m not a marriage counselor I’m a doctor! Russel, James, Rudy, Mark ( groomsmen) come running up the aisle holding the Bridesmaids Holly, Lesile, Michelle, and Toni “hostage” firing “Phasers” Officiant as Spock: Captain I believe we are under attack. Incoming hostiles to disrupt the human ceremony. Captain Kirk too busy with the women fawning over him: “I’m otherwise engaged…pun intended no rings here”. Officiant as Spock: “Most illogical. On Vulcan we simply go into Pon Farr after being betrothed as children and… McCoy (Jonathan) SPOCK ENOUGH! I’m not going to celebrate my next birthday listening to you go on about Ponn Farr just get to it. I’m a doctor not a hostage to your droning! Officiant as Spock: Very well, I shall. Do you Donna take Eric to be your mate and husband despite illogical outbursts, emotional tears, laughter, and completely illogical human behavior as long as you both shall live? Do you Eric take Donna to be your mate and wife despite illogical outbursts, emotional tears, laugher and completely illogical behavior for as long as you both shall live? Kirk - Geez Spock how romantic Officiant as Spock raises one eyebrow and shrugs. “Will you both be committed in good times, in bad times, in health, in sickness, or in the event of a Klingon invasion?” McCoy, “Spock those are the worst wedding vows ever! I’m a doctor not a Wedding Officiate or I’d do it! Officiant as Spock: I see you have forged round gold rings as a token of your marriage. Please note that logically if you lose said rings the marriage is not void. Please repeat after me: This ring symbolizes the commitment we have made to each other today. For we are each other’s mate, and life. We are each other’s joy. With this ring we are officially man and wife. Having said these vows, by the Authority of the Federation of Planets, and the State of Maryland, I pronounce you husband and wife.

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