• Rev Robin Hannon

More horror stories about family and friends officiating

"Please excuse the amount of grammatical errors as I’m using voice to text to type I believe that we spoke a few weeks ago about potentially officiating our wedding we actually went with another Officiant and I just received a phone call this morning (that she has been hospitalized for a mental break down and can no longer officiate our wedding) on August 30. we have all the details already planned out and quite frankly running out of options and we just found this information that our original Officiant couldn’t do our wedding as of two hours ago I don’t know if you’re still available but if you are is there anyway that you could officiate our wedding on August 30?" When"the best price" is a PRIME consideration unfortunately this is what happens. When you hire family and friends they do not have the same professional experience, nor the same dedication as a Wedding Officiant.

"I am getting married 9.21 (I received this 8.25)....We have about 100 guests, at **(an exclusive venue). My Friend said they would be the officiant, but I am having serious doubts if they will make it. Would you be our "backup officiant" just in case?? " I asked them if they wanted to put down a Retainer, I would send them a contract. ANSWER: No we don't want to hire you just now. (their wedding is less than 30 days out.) We are ONLY looking for a backup.

Unfortunately Professional Officiants are usually booked way in advance. If you have to think about a backup, you are putting your wedding on the line. Book someone who has the experience, who is professional, and who you can count on. If you are willing to spend thousands on flowers, a DJ, and a venue it is no use without a proper Officiant. This is the one day that you do not want anything going wrong.

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