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Addressing the dreaded pricing and Wedding Officiant Fees again

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

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Many times brides and grooms want some sort of discount on their fees. As a professional Officiant who makes her living doing weddings it's important that I clear up why I don't offer discounts with the exception of the Military.

For my full service package: What is built into the price is that there are two days dedicated to my clients. I do not take anyone else those days because I believe in dedicating myself completely to my clients. The first day is strictly for rehearsal. So there is the travel to the venue, the rehearsal itself, and travel home. The second day is strictly for the wedding. I've found it can take up at least five hours because brides are late, or we are waiting for people to show up, there is the travel there, the travel home, spending time for pictures, etc.

Considering the time I invest in travel, planning, and two full days what I have priced myself at is actually below market value. While it will take your wedding an hour to do, that is not how much time I'm investing in your wedding, and that has to be taken into account. I also offer custom vows for this package. Those are strictly complimentary and they are not built into the price. These vows can take hours, sometimes days to write, revisions, sending it to my client, doing any further revisions, etc.

There are other price points on my site. They do not include a rehearsal so I only have to put one day aside. However there is still travel involved, and my time as a professional that needs consideration here.

Understand that there is a ton of work behind the scenes that goes into making a wedding look smooth and professional. There are many out there that will do this for less, but the saying Caveat Emptor comes to mind, (buyer beware). Do you want an Officiant like myself with twenty years experience, or are you willing to gamble on less experience? For the most important day of your life, do you honestly want someone who has no idea what they are doing to Officiate? Everything revolves around the people in the front, that is your Officiant, the bride and groom and their bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Please understand that while your time might be an hour for your wedding, your Officiant is putting in many hours of time, professionalism and work.

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